Travel & Accomodation

If Covid 19 restrictions have lifted by summer, we would love to have you come to Bowen Island to complete your virtual event!

Getting to Bowen

Driving: Ferries to Bowen Island run generally every hour from Horseshoe Bay Terminal to Snug Cove.  Please note that summer sailings on Saturdays are often overloaded.  Please arrive at least 45 minutes prior to sailing if you are driving on.  Tunstall Bay Beach Club is a 15 minute drive from Snug Cove.  Roadside parking is limited so please carpool if you can!

Parking at Horseshoe Bay: If you are parking in Horseshoe Bay to walk on the ferry, please arrive early. Horseshoe Bay is very busy in the summer and parking is limited (it’s often filled up by mid-day). 

Transit to Horseshoe Bay: Express Buses to Horseshoe Bay run regularly.

Walk-on Passenger to Bowen: Passenger ticket sales cut off 10 minutes prior to sailing.  Once you are on Bowen, there is the Bowen Bus Service, or Bowen Land & Sea Taxi to get a cab directly to Tunstall Bay. If you plan to take a taxi, please call ahead and reserve it. Alternatively, you can post in the SwimBowen Facebook event and see if someone is up for carpooling or picking you up!


Check out Tourism Bowen Island  to find all you need to know about Bowen Island accommodations and fun things to on our fair isle!