Cancer Care Fund

Our Mission Statement

Providing Bowen Islanders in need with financial assistance to support their self-care during active cancer treatment. The SwimBowen Society’s target recipients are those individuals whose expendable income does not cover costs of selfcare services during active cancer treatment. Suggested support services may include massage, acupuncture, physiotherapy, medications not covered by MSP, nutritional counseling, pedicures, food delivery etc.

Fund Disbursement Strategy

The SwimBowen Society acknowledges that each cancer patient’s diagnosis and resulting choice of treatment (traditional or alternative) is unique and therefore demands a thoughtful, flexible approach with each situation. The SwimBowen Cancer Care Fund  Committee will consider each request on a case by case basis. It is also understood that other extenuating circumstances may interfere with the fund dispersal deadlines noted below and will again be considered at the discretion of the board.

Applications for the SwimBowen Cancer Care Fund will be accepted with a doctor’s prescription for cancer treatment. Patients wishing to pursue alternative treatments are eligible for the SwimBowen Cancer Care Fund. Cancer re-occurrences as well as a first time diagnosis are both eligible for Funds. Bowen Islanders may receive the SwimBowen Cancer Care Fund one time only.

  • SwimBowen Cancer Care Fund Level I $1000: cancer patient receiving no Chemotherapy.
  • SwimBowen Bursary Level II $1500: cancer patient receiving Chemotherapy.

Prioritizing Fund Disbursements

  1. When requests are equal, funds will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis.
  2. When requests vary in level, level 3 requests will be serviced first, then level 2, then level 1.

Identifying Need

The SwimBowen Cancer Care Fund committee will ensure local GP’s (Bowen Island and Horseshoe Bay), Bowen Island’s Caring Circle, Bowen Island Church ministers, local homecare nurses, and the social services department at the Vancouver Cancer Agency are aware of the funds. Families may contact SwimBowen on behalf of affected family members.


All requests and recipients will remain confidential.

Meeting Frequency

SwimBowen Cancer Care Fund Committee will meet every 6 weeks to review and administer requests.

Disbursing Funds

The number of fund dispersals will depend on total funds raised and level of need in the community, while ensuring a minimum of $1000 remains in the account held at the Bowen Island First Credit Union for next year’s swim startup costs. Fund Disbursement will commence after Oct 15th, 2018.