2019 Fundraising

Our fundraising goal for 2019 was $25,000! Thanks to a heck of a lot of hard work and commitment, we surpassed our goal and our swimmers fundraised a whopping $27,424.26! Well done everyone! 

“I was thrilled to participate in the inaugural SwimBowen event… I am inspired by your attention to detail, compassion, and the Bowen community effort… and I was moved by the funds raised for this cause!”

Michele R., Squamish, BC

2019 Top Fundraisers – Overall

Jlonka Bally—Brown

Raised: CA$3,382.70

Goal: CA$2,500.00

Katherine Wolters

Raised: CA$3,321.18

Goal: CA$500.00

Rosemarie Leverton

Raised: CA$1,475.00

Goal: CA$250.00

Shasta Martinuk

Raised: CA$1,346.13

Goal: CA$1,500.00

Robyn Fenton

Raised: CA$1,074.11

Goal: CA$250.00